Computer scientists have spent years and years perfecting systems that could keep hackers at bay. Sensitive information and computation have been protected with the complexity of computer programs. The best solution discussed so far is “obfuscation” . In simple words, obfuscation is when the intended meaning is deliberately made confusing or ambiguous. A programmer may use it to keep the data from being understood, modified or stolen.
Although encryption or another tool for cryptography could be used for achieving security, obfuscation presents much larger prospect than that. It can transform a simple program to impenetrable and untranslatable form.
For a very long time both practitioners and theoreticians have been trying to successfully achieve it. However it is not as simple as it seems. A lot of practical attempts had failed over the years resulting in hopelessness and disappointment. While this suggests that the whole concept of obfuscation and encryption could crumble as a house of cards, the ideas behind them are too powerful and profound to be the case.
There is hope that cryptographers would rise to the challenge and successfully manage to build obfuscators, placing them securely within the model of modern cryptography.
What is an indistinguishability obfuscator? How is it useful? Find out more as Boaz Barak discusses “Hopes, Fears, and Software Obfuscation”.


  1. Abdul Rehman

    I basically had the impression up until now that obfuscation is nothing I find exceptionally interesting, now that you have captured my interest I want to ask
    1. Can we really do that or is this a “maybe we can do it someday if a lot more research happens”?
    2. What impact will it have?

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