Abdur-Rub Atta Shahid

Vice Chairperson

This is My Story

I, Abdur-Rub Atta Shahid, have had the experience to remain a part of PUCIT-ACM Student Chapter since my very first year. Initially, I worked as a Volunteer Event Manager in Tenure 2013-2014. The following year I was selected as the Publicity Head for Tenure 2014-2015. However, I acquired even more success in the next tenure when I was appointed as the General Secretary for Tenure 2015- 2016. Currently I am serving as the Vice Chairperson and my tenure lasts tillĀ 2017. I found the whole journey from being the member of General Body to being the member of Executive Body to be very thrilling and I wish I keep driving on the path of success and reach the destination of happiness.