Hana A. Samdani

General Secretary

This is My Story

General Secretary, has a powerful sound to it, doesn’t it? I have always been a person of perspective, strong headedness and attracted to smartness. Coming from a totally different background of A levels to an offbeat environment of PUCIT, I would be lying if I said it wasn’t hard adjusting. And it wasn’t until I interviewed for a position in PASC that things seemed to start to work out. Joining PASC was a life-altering experience for me. It gave me a sense of belonging, like a safe haven as PASC is a place where diversity is acknowledged and admired. I’ve been a member of PASC from the first semester. I came as an Assistant to the Décor Head and worked tirelessly throughout the tenure proving myself to be worthy of being in this prestigious Chapter. In the second year, I was appointed as the Event Manager and pulled off a remarkable performance which led to my being elected as the General Secretary for tenure 2016-17. I hope to carry the knowledge and proficiency that PASC has bestowed on me, and enlighten the people that will come after me. PASC is the place to be!